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RayZR 125 Fi

  • RayZR 125 Fi
  • RayZR 125 Fi
  • RayZR 125 Fi
  • RayZR 125 Fi
  • RayZR 125 Fi

Engine type
Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Maximum Horse Power
Maxmium Torque
Starting System
Electric start & Kick start
Stop & Start System (SSS)
Smart Motor Generator (SMG) System
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel system
Fuel injection
Ignition System Type
TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)

Overall Length
Overall Width
Overall Height
Seat height
Minimum ground clearance
Under-seat storage

Suspension type (Front/Rear)
Telescopic fork / Unit swing
Tire Size(Front)
90/90-12 Tubeless
Tyre size (Rear)
110/90-10 Tubeless
Brake Type(Front)(Disk/Drum)
Disc 190mm / Drum
Rear brake
Suspension Type(Front)
Telescopic Fork
12V,35/35W x 1
Brake light / Tail light
12V,21/5W x 1
Position light
Side stand engine cut-off switch

The All New Yamaha Ray ZR The Swag Ride

The all new RayZR is a perfect mix of a stealthy looks, aggressive feel/cuts and thrilling performance as a by-product of the design concept of “Armoured Energy”. Weighing in at 99kgs combined with a 125cc FI Blue core engine the all new RayZR is a quick mover on the road. The visually appealing ride now comes with safety feature of a Built-in side stand engine cut-off switch.

New 125cc Fi Engine

The new RayZR 125 Fi is powered by a BS VI compliant, air cooled, fuel injected (FI), 125 cc blue core engine that produces a power output of 8.2 PS @ 6,500 RPM and a torque of 9.7 N.m @ 5,000 RPM. The power output is +30% and fuel economy are +16% higher*

30% more Power

ASCENT ACCELERATION Drive force at the rear wheel at low speeds has been improved by 30%.

STANDING ACCELERATION The boost in acceleration from 0 to 200 metres results in an advantage equivalent to more than seven bikes in length over the current model. PASSING ACCELERATION Power in the 30-60 km/h range, pivotal for overtakes, has been improved by 30%.

16% Improved Mileage

The all new RayZR with BS-VI engine boasts an increase in mileage by 16% through the astute technology of Smart Motor Generator and Stop & Start system

Smart Motor Generator

The “Smart motor generator (SMG)” fitted to the new RayZR 125 Fi brings a quieter engine start without the need for a separate conventional electric starter, and the “Side stand engine cut-off switch”.

Stop & Start system

When certain conditions are met, the Stop & Start system automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is at stop and idling, thereby helping to save fuel. The rider can easily re-start the engine and get underway again by simply twisting the throttle, which quickly fires up the engine.

Light Weight Body

The new RayZR is built like a tank but doesn’t weigh like one. At 99 kgs, the new RayZR is 4 kgs lighter than the current model. The reduced weight gives you a great pick up, better handling and better mileage.

LED Position Light

Accompanying the sporty smokey visor is the LED adds on to the overall stealthy look of RayZR. A great way to announce your presence through the rear view mirrors of the riders ahead.

Tough Looking headlights

The sporty, sharp headlight illuminates the night with superior visibility and the tough look adds greater originality to the design.

Full Digital Instrument Cluster

While riding a futuristic designed ride, enjoy the view of an all digital instrument cluster, so you enjoy the view ahead and also while you want to seek all the information you need while riding.

Telescopic Suspension

RayZR uses telescopic suspension in front and gives you control during all kind of road conditions, be it bumps, puddles or speed breakers. With RayZR’s suspension every road feels like a smooth ramp.

12 inch Cast Wheel (FRONT) With Disc Brake

Enjoy the best ride quality on any road condition. The 12 inch front cast wheel combined with a disc brake setup delivers impeccable riding control, safety and comfort.

Unified Braking System

UBS has been developed for better stopping power of your 2 wheelers. UBS links both front & rear brakes with the rear brake pedal. When the rider applies the rear brake, the rear brake and a portion of the front brake are applied. For full braking performance, apply both the brake lever and the brake pedal simultaneously. UBS results in:

  1.  Reduced braking distance
  2.  Better handling during braking
  3.  Smoother chassis behavior during braking

Two Level Seat

Seating position is as crucial for the pillion as it is for the rider, the two level seating provides great comfort to the riders and a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from its peers.

In-built Side Stand Engine Cut off Switch

Flaunt your RayZR in style & ride it to your heart’s content. The built-in side stand engine cut-off switch ensures you have one less thing to worry about, enjoy your RayZR riding experience with your safety taken care of.

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Ex Showroom Price

Model Colour Price
B2U100 (Disc) Matt Blue₹ 77.410
Black ₹ 77.410
Cyan ₹ 77.410
Red ₹ 77.410
Yellow ₹ 77.410
B2U200 (Drum) Black ₹ 74,410
Cyan ₹ 74,410


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