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Ray ZR

  • Ray ZR
  • Ray ZR

Engine type
Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
113 CC
Maximum Horse Power
7.1 PS/ 7500 rpm
Maxmium Torque
8.1Nm (0.8kgf-m)/5000rpm
Starting System Type
Electric start & Kick start
Lubrication System
Wet Sump
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel supply
Ignition System Type
CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition)

Overall Length
1,820 mm
Overall Width
700 mm
Overall Height
1,115 mm
Seat height
775 mm
1,270 mm
Minimum ground clearance
130 mm
Curb weight

Transmission type
V-belt automatic
Tire Size(Front & Rear)
90/100-10 53J Tubeless
Front brake
Hydraulic single disk brake
Rear brake
Mechanical leading trailing drum brake
Diameter of disk brake
170 mm (Front)
Suspension Type(Front)
Telescopic Fork
Suspension Type(Rear)
Unit Swing
Wheel Travel(Front)
90 mm
Wheel Travel(Rear)
75 mm
Headlight bulb type
Halogen bulb
12V, 35/ 35 W×1
Brake/ Tail light
12V, 21/ 5 W×1
Turn signal light
12V, 10 W×2 (Front & Rear)
Fuel gauge

The All New Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally Don’t Ride. Rally!

Mean just got meaner. Presenting the all-new Street Rally. A sharp, sleek, swift and stylish machine for those who lives a life like a rally OR THRIVES TO RALLY. So, if it feels to be just a scooter, we suggest you take one for a spin. Powered by a 113cc Blue Core engine. Equipped with a robust telescopic suspension, tubeless tires and a hydraulic disk brake. Geared with an edgy digital console, knuckle guards and plenty of room under-seat. And above all, brutal looks that tell you strictly not for the lazy. Which is why it comes with the message Ride. Rally!

Exterior Looks

Designed for those who rev for something more than just a comfortable ride, the Street Rally is not just another scooter. While its razor sharp design gives it a street presence like no other machine, it’s not the only reason we gave it that name. Because it comes effectively/perfectly geared for the thrill it promises. Knuckle guards. A bold new visor with a smoky finish and the stylish SR emblem. A well-equipped digital console. And graphics that are literally from the rally world. This mean machine comes in two colors – Rally Red and the iconic Yamaha Racing Blue. One look is enough to get your heart racing.

Bold & Aggressive

Powerful 113cc Blue Core Engine
The Ray ZR Street Rally is powered with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, 113cc “BLUE CORE” engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) unit which provides both smooth initial acceleration and pickup. It also features technologies that reduce horsepower loss like a roller rocker arm, and achieves excellent fuel efficiency and running performance. It is tuned with settings that provide easy-to-use power, especially in the extremely low speed ranges.

Knuckle Guard

When it has a knuckle guard, kind of screaming I am evil. So turn to your rally mode as it is equipped to protect your hands from wind blast and that odd crash impact.

Bold New Visor

It’s sleek. It”s sporty. And the smoky design with the Street Rally emblem imprinted, it makes the machine intentions loud and clear.

Digital Instrument Panel

A feature-loaded cockpit designed for the modern street-sharp rider. Now, that what we call really rally cool!

Ready-To-Rally Storage

It’s clearly hard to keep it off the streets. And when you can store as much as 21 litres under that seat, you are ever ready for a spin.

Edgy Rear View Mirrors

Borrowed from Yamaha 249 cc beast FZ 25, these edgy mirrors further enhance the street-sharp look of the machine.

Large front pockets
The front pocket is large enough to fit one 500 mL plastic drink bottle. A convenience hook (maximum load capacity of 1.5 kg) for bags etc., is positioned below the seat in the foot well.

Two-level (raised rear) seat for great comfort
A two-level seat (raised rear section) with a sporty look is adopted. The tandem seat portion has slightly softer cushioning and has about 10 mm more cushioning material thickness than on the current models. The sitting spot is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from the tandem rider weight to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, even during longer rides. Also, an aluminum grab-bar is provided which adopts the same coloring as the model  body parts.

Edgy Tail light
Offer your style to the world to follow. This new & aggressive tail light with the rising tail is hard to miss out.

Sleek and Functional Front Fender
The front fender adopted on this model is a movable type that follows the movement of the front wheel. Its shape is designed to harmonize with the machine exterior styling and add to the sporty look of the machine silhouette. Of course, it is also designed to provide excellent protection against mud splatter.

Key shutter locking system
Park your Ray ZR Street Rally without much worry. With its special key shutter locking system, a duplicate key just won’t work.

Grab bar with “Rising Air Tail” design
The grab-bar, with its “rear wing” (spoiler) appearance, is meant to further intensify the image of straight lines dominating the design while its balance, in relation to the body lines also accentuates the image of power. The undulating look of this rear assembly also creates a sense of speed. Furthermore, the adoption of a sporty-looking two-level seat helps this model with a distinctive silhouette that sets it apart from existing family-use scooters. These two elements, the tail assembly and seat, combine to create the “Rising Air Tail” design image.

Front disk brake and alloy wheels
A 170 mm diameter disk brake is adopted for the front wheel. This brake features excellent operational feel and contributes to light, agile performance. This comes with newly designed lightweight cast aluminum alloy wheels. The combined weight of the front and rear wheels is lighter. This also reduces the inertial moment of the steering assembly and thus, contributes to the light, agile handling characteristics.

USB Charger (Optional)
A ride can charge you up. Then why not your phone? Don’t worry! Because the Street Rally now comes with an (optional) under-seat USB charging port. So, next time, all you need is to lift that seat and plug in. And you can just go rallying while your phone gets charged.

Price INR : 795/-

Available at nearest authorized Yamaha dealer.


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