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Air Filter

The role of the air filter is to clean air. An air filter, filters foreign matter, grit and dust to protect pistons and cylinders from scratch thereby protecting the carburetor from clogging. Engines require air to explode. After clean air comes from air filter, it goes to a carburetor and go to an engine with gasoline and air.

Dust captured in any air filter causes a gradual reduction in airflow over the working life of the part, resulting in a loss of engine performance and poor fuel mileage. Genuine YAMAHA Air Filters are designed in such way, so as to filter the air in the most efficient way, whilst maintaining their flow rate.

Why use YAMAHA Genuine Air Filter

YAMAHA genuine air filters are manufactured and designed in such a way so as to optimise appropriate air flow to engines, i.e. not too much air flow nor too less air flow. At YAMAHA we test air filters many times to ensure superiour quality for all models.


What to Check Check for the dust collected in the filter mesh.
When to Replace If large amount of dust is deposited or at the intervals specified in owner’s manual or as advised by Yamaha service engineer.
Where to Replace At your nearest Yamaha authorized Dealership or Service network.

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