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Brake Pad & Brake Shoes

YAMAHA Genuine Brake Pads & Brake Shoes are designed for each model in order to achieve the best braking performance. It is highly recommended to use genuine Brake Pads & Brake Shoes because these two parts are the most important to stop a vehicle and if you cannot stop safely, it can be life threatening.

Break pads are used in bikes with disk brakes whereas brakeshoes are used in bikes with drum brakes.

Non genuine looks same, but..

Non genuine Brake Pads and Brake Shoes fit quite well in YAMAHA motorbikes. It is so because After Market Part Venders make Brake Pads to fit genuine brake calipers. Therefore, they will say that non genuine Brake Pads are right parts. However they never think about the entire motorbikes, or even complete brake systems. They also lack the knowledge and expertise to design brake pads and shoes that will give good overall braking force and performance. In most cases aftermarket manufacturers do not have access to a wide range of makes and models. So if they do any testing at all, it is usually be on random brands and models – which is not the ideal situation to develop the best brake shoes and pads.

Genuine Yamaha brake pads have been developed specially for:

  • Superior Breaking performance developed in conjunction with the engine, suspension and chassis.
  • Optimized high breaking power with low wear
  • Controlling breaking noise and vibration for a more pleasant ride.
  • Break operation and balance designed to provide the maximum riding joy


What to Check Each Brake pad is provided with a wear indicator groove, which allows you to check the Brake Pad wear without having to disassemble the brakes. Please check whether a brake pad has worn to the point that the wear indicator groove has almost disappeared.
When to Replace In the above condition Or at the intervals specified in owner’s manual Or as advised by a YAMAHA service engineer.
Where to Replace At your nearest YAMAHA authorized Dealership or Service network.

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