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Control Cable

Control Cables comprise of Throttle Cable, Brake Cable & Clutch Cable. The cable consists of an inner cable made of metal wire and an outside casing made of rubber and metal.

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable connects the accelerator grip to the throttle body, enabling the driver to control the vehicle’s level of acceleration.

Brake Cable

The brake cable connects the brake lever/pedal to the brakes on the wheels. These are responsible for engaging and disengaging of brakes in your YAMAHA vehicle.

Clutch Cable

The clutch cable connects the clutch to the levers, which operate the clutch. These levers are responsible for engaging or disengaging the clutch and enable the driver to change gear.

Over time, the control cables can become worn and frayed, presenting a risk of breakage. If this occurs, the cables should be immediately replaced.


What to Check: Check for damage to outer housing or whether the movement is smooth or not, Use Lithium-Soap based grease for lubrication.
When to replace: If outer housing is damaged or cable is rusted or at intervals specified in owner’s manual or as advised by a YAMAHA Service Engineer.
Where to replace: At your nearest YAMAHA authorized Dealership or Service network
Caution: Damage to the outer housing of cables may result in internal rusting and cause interference with cable movement. Replace damaged cables as soon as possible to stay safe and prevent further damage.

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