Drive Chain & Sprokets

Drive chain must have the strength and durability to match the engine’s power and the hardness of the sprocket material. The side plates, which may be considered as the ‘frame’ of the drive chain, must also have the necessary strength to withstand the tensile load put upon it.

The teeth of the sprocket and any other parts subject to large forces are made as hard as possible, through a heat treatment method called Carburized quenching, after which the sprockets are tempered to gradually decrease the hardness towards the inner part, to produce a tough sprocket of ideal strength.

Drive Chain and Sprockets can be replaced regularly, because…

  • Chain will stretch after long usage.
    • Stretched chain cannot transmit engine powers to rear tire.
  • Sprockets will be grinded down because of friction.
    • Grinding of the Sprockets result in slippage of the Chain & ultimately breakage of the chain.


      What to Check Drive chain slack & sprocket teeth should be checked regularly by the rider and should be maintained within specified limits. Improper drive chain slack will overload the engine as well as other vital parts of the motorcycle and can lead to chain slippage or breakage.
      When to Replace In the above condition Or at the intervals specified in owner’s manual Or as advised by a YAMAHA service engineer.
      Where to Replace At your nearest YAMAHA authorized Dealership or Service network.
      Maintenance Drive chain must be cleaned & lubricated by Yamalube Chain Clean & Chain Lube only.

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