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Rear View Mirrior

Rear view mirrors are the key road safety devices installed on your bike. These help you to know about the upcoming traffic from both ends. Convex mirrors are used for rear view mirror.

YAMAHA mirrors are designed specifically to suit your vehicle both ergonomically & aesthetically.

Difference between YAMAHA Genuine and non-genuine mirrors

There is no major visual difference between YAMAHA Genuine and non-genuine mirrors, but in terms of performance, the difference is huge. YAMAHA Genuine Mirrors are designed and manufactured to reflect high quality image of the upcoming traffic, whereas the images may look distorted in non-genuine mirrors. The reflecting polish used in non-genuine mirrors may deplete over a short span of time, thereby increasing the risk to the rider. Hence only YAMAHA Genuine Mirrors are recommended.


What to Check Check for the scratches, breakage of mirror or loosening of mirror nut.
When to Replace If scratches, breakage of mirror is found Or At intervals mentioned in Owner’s Manual Or as advised by YAMAHA service engineer.
Where to Replace At your nearest YAMAHA authorized Dealership or Service network.

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